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Why do printers buy from Unigraph?

Because, in the long run, our products represent the best overall value! Print version

From a 1,305-litre tote of Fountain Solution, to a 208-litre drum of Roller and Blanket Wash, to a 1-litre bottle of Specialty Product, Unigraph can supply all the pressroom chemicals needed by the smallest of shops to the largest printers in North America. Our over 300 industry-leading formulations have these benefits in common:

1. Superior Quality
Every Unigraph product is pre-tested under the most rigorous conditions and sold with a money-back guarantee. Trial orders are always available on request.

2. Competitive Pricing
Litre per litre, ounce per ounce, our prices represent the best overall value over the long haul – especially when you compare concentration levels of our products with other major manufacturers on the market today.

3. Fast Delivery
Our delivery service is fast, safe and dependable regardless of the products or the quantities you order.

4. Best Technical Support
Our 24/7 technical support team has the hands-on experience and expertise that helps you to maximize print quality, improve workflow and avoid costly downtime.

Top Quality + Low Price + Fast Delivery + Best Tech Support


Unigraph Value

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