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Products with a real business IMPACT!

Every product line we develop is based on our constant objective to help our clients achieve a better printed sheet at a lower cost through constant innovation.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards of the printing industry. Our range of products will certainly suit your pressroom needs. Contact us for more information.

Unigraph products are sold by authorized distributors, please contact us for your local distributor.

Our lines of products

  • Fountain Solutions and Additives

    Fountain Solutions and Additives

    We have achieved our goal to make these fountain solution series the most effective on the market. [Read more]

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    Alcohol Replacement

    Developed for today’s high speed printing presses and dampening systems. Alcohol replacement gives a sharper and cleaner image than isopropyl alcohol. [Read more]

  • Roller & Blanket Washes

    Roller & Blanket Washes

    Complete product line of roller and blanket washes; from water miscible, low odor, high flash point to U.V. wash, Unigraph has a wash for your pressroom. [Read more]

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    All Unigraph proprietary silicone emulsions are non-toxic, non-volatile and non-flammable. They can be diluted with water to meet every press need. [Read more]

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    Specialty Products

    Complete line of superior products for optimizing your presses. From plate cleaners to desensitizers, chrome cleaner to deglazer, expect high quality... [Read more]

  • EQUI

    Equipment & Accessories

    The value of Unigraph; Save time and money. All you need under one roof. [Read more]