Product code: 133

UNI PREMIUM R&B WASH is a water-miscible wash specifically formulated for presses equipped with automated wash-up systems. It has been designed to clean the most current rollers made either of rubber or synthetic ingredients without harming the covering of the plates.

UNI PREMIUM R&B WASH is a one-step wash that removes dried ink, gum, dirt and lint. It penetrates the glaze left by the different products and keep-cleans, quickly evaporating without leaving any kind of residue but rather a smooth, ink-receptive surface.


Can be used as is or applied on a wet wash-up rag to remove water soluble or solvent soluble glaze as well as blanket piling and lint at the same time.

Use at full strength with any automated wash-up attachment or apply manually with a wash-up bottle. UNI PREMIUM R&B WASH can be diluted with water up to 50% in a wash-up bottle.

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