Product code: 145

UNI 90-20 wash contains no water but has the chemical property of coupling with water to form a solvent/ water emulsion. In a single wash-up UNI 90-20 wash removes the solvent-soluble contaminants on rollers and blankets, while the water emulsion removes the water-soluble glaze caused by gum, etch, lint and spray powders. By adding 25% to 50% water to a water-miscible wash, you reduce product cost, raise the flash point, lessen the emission of solvent vapor into the pressroom, offer better protection to your hands, reduce product odor and minimize V.O.C's.

  • Flash Point: 43.3°C (110°F)


  • Economical, may be diluted with water up to 50%
  • Gives faster wash-up without residues
  • Removes glaze and piling quickly
  • Deep cleans rollers and blankets


Must be used on a wet wash-up rag. Add UNI 90-20 full strength to rag or mix with up to 50% water in a wash-up bottle to remove both water-soluble and solvent-soluble glaze as well as blanket piling and lint at the same time.

Apply full strength or mixed with up to 50% water to remove wet ink, gum glaze, paper fibers and lint. Use with UNI O.D. DEGLAZER as part of a press maintenance system.

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