Product code: 146

UNI 90-30 is a unique blend of solvents and cleaners formulated to clean and rejuvenate lithographic blankets, rubber, synthetic and composition rollers, antioxidants and surfactants. It is formulated with a controlled drying speed to deep-clean lithographic blankets and rollers. UNI 90-30 increases ink receptivity and prolongs blanket and roller life.

UNI 90-30 is the most effective roller and blanket wash used in the industry. It will blend with residual water in the pores of offset blankets, penetrate gum glaze and deep down clean the rubber, leaving a velvety smooth surface. UNI 90-30 reduces press downtime by speeding color changes and providing cleaner rollers and blankets. It improves printing quality by maintaining proper ink receptivity on rollers and blankets and by completely cleaning out their pores to guarantee uniform colors from start to finish.

UNI 90-30 removes gum glaze, paper coating, spray powder and ink resins embedded in the pores of offset printing blankets, giving you excellent ink transfer and truer dot reproduction.

  • Flash Point: 41.1°C (106°F)


  • Low odor
  • Controlled drying speed
  • Helps extend roller and blanket life


Use as is or mixed with water. Apply UNI 90-30 with a water-dampened rag or onto a blanket that has been washed with a sponge. Then wipe dry. For removal of heavy glaze use UNI SUPRA.

Apply UNI 90-30 with or without water to top rollers and allow to "run in". Set wash-up blade and apply additional UNI 90-30 to flush the residue onto blade until solvent on blade is clear. Can be used with UNI O.D. DEGLAZER for complete glaze removal and roller conditioning.

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