Product code: 183

UNI ENVIRO NPCR  is a water miscible ecological wash that meets today’s ecological cleaning requirements. UNI ENVIRO NPCR forms a superior emulsion to permit mixing with up to 30% water for removing water soluble glaze, lint and stock coating while still delivering a powerful solvent cleaning action and maintaining a pleasant odor.

  • Flash point: 42°C (108°F)


  • Effective cleaner for all press sizes
  • Low aromatic content
  • Low odor
  • Less hazardous to the pressmen’s health than most washes
  • Penetrates deep to clean rollers and blankets in just one step
  • Economical. Mix it with up to 30% water
  • Excellent for fast color changes


Use as a one-step wash in any wash-up attachment or hand clean with a saturated cloth. Mix in a wash-up bottle with up to 30% water and shake before use. This mixture will remove water soluble and solvent soluble glaze in a single wash-up.

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