Product code: 209

UNI KOLITHO has proven performance on polyester and paper photo-direct plates, on all types of metal offset plates (except electrostatic). Will perform exceptionally well on all rubber base and oil base inks.

Runs equally well on a wide variety of dampening systems as conventional, integrade, Kompac and Cresline. Its balanced formulation keeps non-image areas highly hydrophilic, while image areas remain highly ink receptive.


  • Effective with all types of inks
  • Compatible with all plates
  • No pH or conductivity concern
  • Glycerin based


  • Presensitized and additive metal plates, camera and photo-direct plates:
    From 6 up to 16 parts water to 1 part UNI KOLITHO.
  • Paper masters, direct image and diffusion transfer plates:
    From 6 to 24 parts water to 1 part UNI KOLITHO.

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