Product code: 302

UNI O.D. DEGLAZER, when mixed with hot water, will soften the dried calcium crystals in the rollers and the blankets. The hot water will gently open up the pores of the rubber allowing UNI O.D. DEGLAZER to deeply penetrate and remove the calcium contamination as well as ink glaze.

Unigraph only uses the highest quality surfactants in UNI O.D. DEGLAZER, thus giving you the best results of any deglazer on the market today.


  • Thoroughly removes calcium contamination from rollers and blankets
  • Safe to leave on overnight
  • Will not swell rubber
  • Extends roller and blanket life
  • Can reduce durometer of older rollers
  • Excellent for colour changes



In a 32 oz wash up bottle, mix 16 oz (50%) of UNI O.D. DEGLAZER with 8 oz (25%) of hot water and leave 8 oz (25%) of space for shaking. Shake well until product is homogenized to a milky white colour.


Use the same mix as for the rollers. Apply on blankets and leave it on for several minutes. Rinse off with your UNIGRAPH R & B WASH.


After a wash-up with your UNIGRAPH R & B WASH, back off the wash-up blade and apply UNI O.D. DEGLAZER MIX to rollers in a sweeping motion back and forth a few times. Let the product run in for at least 10 – 15 minutes. Put the wash-up blade on. Rinse off with your UNIGRAPH R & B WASH. Ink up units and do another wash up with your regular UNIGRAPH R & B WASH to make sure that all of the UNI O.D. DEGLAZER is completely removed from the rollers.

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