Product code: 310

UNI NUMBERING LUBRICANT & CLEANER will eliminate sticking and keep the numbering machine well lubricated at all times. It eliminates the need to disassemble the unit before cleaning.


  • Extra high solvency, no need to disassemble the machine for cleaning or, in most instances, to correct dragging and skipping
  • Lubricates as it cleans, assures that numbers print without skipping. Powerful solvents penetrate
  • and completely dissolve even the hardest caked ink from the shaft, the sides of the wheels and other inaccessible parts
  • Non-toxic, non-damaging, safer to use. Contains no carbon tetrachloride ben-zol or wood alcohol
  • Economical


Use one container to soak and one to rinse. When the soaking container becomes ink laden, discard and rotate the rinse to become the soak container. Completely immerse the numbering machine unit for one to three hours in a glass or metal container filled with UNI NUMBERING LUBRICANT & CLEANER. Allow the ink particles to fall away from the machine by resting it on a wire mesh platform or other device. Occasional agitation will speed up the cleaning action. Use a non-nylon toothbrush or a small brush to remove any extra-hard, caked ink that has not been completely dissolved. Shake off the excess liquid when removed from the solution and a super fine lubricant coating will remain to protect all parts from friction and rust.

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