Product code: 335

UNI ASPHALTUM GUM is a carefully balanced emulsion containing hydrophilic gum and asphaltum. When applying asphaltum gum onto the surface of the plate, it simultaneously makes the non-image areas hydrophilic and the image areas more hydrophobic (ink receptive).


  • Can be used for short or long term storage
  • Protects plates from oxidation
  • Extends the life of reusable storage plates
  • Excellent desensitizer for background of the plates
  • Easily removed for clean and fast start-ups, thus reducing costly paper and time waste


To prepare the plate for storage, remove all excess ink with suitable solvent and apply UNI ASPHALTUM GUM with a sponge, buff the plate lightly and dry the plate before storing. When the storage plate is to be reused, wet the surface of the plate with a wet sponge, or apply dampening rollers directly on the press. In some cases of plate blinding, application of asphaltum gum can recover ink receptive properties of image areas.

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