UNI 3 IN 1



Product code: 373

UNI PLATE CLEANER 3 IN 1 is a white and creamy emulsion that cleans and desensitizes plates. Use it to protect plates for short term storage. It conditions all types of offset metal plates and allows for quicker start-ups.

UNI PLATE CLEANER 3 IN 1 prevents oxidation and desensitizes plates to allow better ink receptivity and keeps plates clean.


  • An excellent cleaner for all types of offset metal plates
  • Efficiently eliminates ink from image and non-image areas for quicker start-ups
  • Protects plates during shut-downtime
  • Can be applied directly on all offset printing presses
  • Safe for all types of offset metal plates
  • Eliminates semi-dry ink, gum streaks, scratches and oxidation spots



Apply with a damp sponge or pad to completely remove ink from plate. Wipe with a clean damp pad unless plate is to be stored. If plate is to be stored, do not wipe but polish with a clean dry pad or cheesecloth until plate is dry.

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