Product code: 379

UNI BLANKET FIX is used to raise low spots, smashes or minor dents in the blanket surfaces. It is a low odor non-flammable product. The use of UNI BLANKET FIX as a temporary repair enables a press run to be completed without replacing the damaged blanket.


  • Reduces downtime
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy to use


Apply directly to the blanket covering the low area completely. The length of time for UNI BLANKET FIX to react will depend on the depth of the depression. Wash off the blanket in the usual manner. If enough time is not allowed for the blanket fix to remain on the low spot, it may reappear after a few impressions. When this occurs just repeat the process. UNI BLANKET FIX will correct low spots and dents permanently when applied properly.

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