Product code: 393

UNI ALCOFOUNT-3 is an isopropyl alcohol replacement used where ink drying time is a problem. UNI ALCOFOUNT-3 gives you the same results as UNI ALCOFOUNT-1 with the advantage of improving drying time, which will in turn increase production capabilities.


  • Compatible with all fountain solutions
  • Very high flash point
  • Will not "harden" rollers like isopropyl alcohol
  • Does not evaporate, therefore, no replenishment required
  • Significantly reduces ink consumption by preventing its emulsification
  • Speeds production schedules where ink drying is a problem


Mix between 1 oz to 6 oz of UNI ALCOFOUNT-3 with 1 gallon (128 oz) of diluted fountain solution. If you use UNI ALCOFOUNT-1 already, mix the same dosage.

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