Product code: 395

UNI 395 heavy-duty plate cleaner desensitizer is a white creamy emulsion with mild abrasive that cleans and desensitizes printing plates. It is used to remove wet and dry ink, oxidized spots, scratches etc.

UNI 395 heavy-duty plate cleaner desensitizer prevents oxidation and desensitizes plates to allow better ink receptivity.


  • Heavy-duty cleaner for all type of plates except unbaked positive plates
  • Removes all new and dry ink from the plate
  • Removes all gum streaks, spots and oxidizing scum from the plate
  • Can be used on the fly when press is running



Apply light pressure with a sponge or rag over all the plate, after a few seconds remove residue from the surface with a clean, wet rag or sponge. Commence printing or apply storage gum.

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