Product code: 280

UNI LITHOFOUNT 2030 is a one-step fountain solution concentrate, formulated with a non-piling additive to give longer intervals between blanket washes on heatset web presses. Phosphate and chrome free, UNI LITHOFOUNT 2030 is formulated for all water conditions and is designed for all continuous dampening systems.


  • It is formulated with an additive which eliminates the accumulation of calcium in the fountain  solution
  • Contains a non-piling additive which efficiently reduces piling on the blanket and extends blanket washing intervals
  • Allows you to print with less water, giving you cleaner, sharper printing
  • Significantly reduces ink consumption
  • Has a pH range between 4 and 4.5
  • Very efficient in eliminating "dot blow out"
  • Cleaner faster start-ups
  • Improves plate desensitizing


For conventional dampening systems:
Mix 3 to 6 ounces of UNI LITHOFOUNT 2030 per gallon of water (128 oz).

For alcohol type dampening systems:
Mix 5 to 7 ounces of UNI LITHOFOUNT 2030 per gallon of water (128 oz).

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