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UNI LITHOFOUNT BA 5000 is a revolutionary new sheetfed fountain solution formulated for today’s most challenging pressroom situations.

UNI LITHOFOUNT BA 5000 is the fountain solution of choice for large commercial sheetfed and packaging printers.


  • Formulated with a breakthrough additive which eliminates the accumulation of calcium in the water system, pans and rollers.
  • Runs exceptionally well with all types of metallic inks, especially gold inks. Extends plate life and greatly reduces sensitivity caused by metallic inks.
  • Formulated with the finest Sudanese gum for maximum plate protection.
  • Extremely effective in reducing the accumulation of emulsion left behind from process free plates.
  • Has a pH range between 4.6 – 4.8
  • Keeps the blankets, back cylinders and metering much cleaner.
  • Unique formulation of desensitizers keeps chrome rollers exceptionally clean especially on Komori presses.
  • HUV, LED & UV compatible formulation.
  • Lower ink and water settings.


For all dampening systems:

Mix 4 ounces of Uni Lithofount BA 5000 per gallon (128 ounces) of water or a setting of 3% on the doser. Dosage may be lower depending on your dampening system. Uni Lithofount BA 5000 works in conjunction with Uni Alcofount-2.

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