Product code: 113

UNI 232 is an efficient every day wash that can be used frequently without damaging the rubber of lithographic plates. UNI 232 is water-miscible and removes gum and fountain solution glaze. Cleans all blankets and rollers, and is also recommended for use with the Kompac system.

Water-miscible premium UNI 232 wash is a high quality one-step ink glaze preventative and a roller and blanket cleaner and conditioner. Used on a regular basis, its rubber rejuvenative properties can dramatically increase the useful life and printing capabilities of rubber rollers and blankets.

It is formulated from a combination of penetrating solvents, which loosen and remove deeply imbedded layers of dried ink, gum, dirt and lint. A special rubber rejuvenating component restores the plasticizers and antioxidants constantly being leached out of rubber. It has a high flash point.

This quality water-miscible wash is engineered for all presses. The special blend of solvents and cleaners
maintains rollers and blankets. Premium UNI 232 penetrates gum glaze and deep cleans, leaving a smooth inkreceptive surface. The 10% to 30% dilution ratio makes this wash extremely economical and helps to reduce V.O.C.’s in the pressroom.


Use as a regular wash as needed. Use following a water wash as part of a blanket maintenance program.

Use as your regular wash-up. We recommend the use of UNI O.D. DEGLAZER with UNI 232 as part of a roller maintenance program.