Product code: 111

UNI CANADA WASH is a water-miscible ecological wash that meets today’s ecological cleaning requirements. Compare it to your current blanket and roller wash. It is pleasant to use, and cleans well without strong solvency. No vile odors, no strong irritating vapors are emitted into the pressroom atmosphere, making it safer for pressmen’s health.

UNI CANADA WASH contains no water, but its superior formulation enables it to couple with water and form a solvent-water emulsion. So, in one simple step, the solvents remove the solvent-soluble contaminants on rollers and blankets, while the water emulsion removes the water-soluble glaze caused by gum, fountain solution, lint, paper fibers, etc., conditioning rollers and blankets and leaving a smooth, ink-receptive surface.


  • Less hazardous to the pressmen’s health than most washes
  • Penetrates deep to clean rollers and blankets in just one step
  • Economical. Mix it with up to 30% water
  • Excellent for fast color changes


Start the mix with 20% to 25% water and compare the cleaning ability of UNI CANADA WASH to your current wash (notice how the dilution reduces V.O.C.’s in the pressroom!). Use diluted on blankets or apply with a damp wash-up rag to remove water-soluble and solvent-soluble glaze. To be more efficient economically, increase the percentage of water up to 30% or until you find the level that best suits the type of ink, press and work in your plant.