Product code: 721

UNI SILICONE ANTI-MARKING EMULSION 60AH is a unique concentrated formula incorporating silicone, anti-smear agents, anti-static material, humectant and other ingredients. This combination of silicone and nonhazardous trade secret materials provides better slip, prevents ink smearing, eliminates static electricity. Can be used on heatset or coldset presses with all kinds of paper or board.


  • Prevents ink smearing and offset
  • Provides smooth delivery in folder or sheeter
  • Dries faster in the stock than other silicone emulsions
  • Controls static during all operations
  • Contains anticorrosive agent preventing corrosion of metal parts
  • Contains biocide which protects diluted solution from bacteria and fungi
  • Very economical
  • Eliminates cracking of paper on folder
  • Exceptional slip qualities, works better and more economical than pure silicone
  • Wider latitude of operation
  • Highly anti-static, eliminates need for additional anti-stat
  • Improves gloss of the paper and reduces marking and streaking
  • Improved high speed performance
  • Lower dosage rates than conventional silicone emulsion
  • No VOC content


UNI SILICONE ANTI-MARKING EMULSION 60AH recommended dosage: 2 to 6 ounces per gallon of water. For best results, use proportioner pump such as the Dosatron Graphic D14MZ10 doser. This insures a consistent dilution and prevents excessive use of emulsion. No additives like anti-stat etc. are necessary for 60AH emulsion.