Product code: 106

UNI UV #67 is a unique blend of specialized raw materials formulated to deep clean rollers and blankets.

UNI UV #67 is an all purpose roller and blanket UV wash. It can be used for HUV / LED / UV inks.

UNI UV #67 increases ink receptivity and prolongs blanket and roller life.

UNI UV #67 is a non-water miscible solvent.


• Efficiently cleans HUV / LED / UV inks.
• Strong solvent strength.
• Medium drying speed.
• Prolongs roller and blanket life.
• Can be used in any automatic wash-up systems.


• Apply UNI UV #67 to the top roller of the ink unit.
• Allow solvent to run in for 10-20 seconds then engage wash-up blade.
• Repeat adding solvent as rollers require to not run dry.
• Once wash is running clean on your blade finish with a water rinse then disengage blade when done.

• Wipe blanket with a water soaked sponge first to clean up paper coating and spray powder.
• Apply wash solvent using a saturated cloth or rag to clean up the ink.
• Wipe as many times as needed to remove all paper coating, powder and ink from blankets.
• Finish up by drying off the blanket with a clean cloth or rag.